Wednesday, May 14, 2014

European Opinions (One from last June I never posted)

This was one I had in my drafts  from June but never posted.  I think I stopped being angry, but this obviously needs to be read.

Here's a few updates before I tell a story:

1. I had unprotected sex and made a fetus! Yay!

2. Yeah, that's really it. I've gained 14 lbs? Is that an update?

I have to tell you about a fight I got in with a girl on Facebook. I try REALLY hard not to fight on Facebook, or in real life, but my personality is one big  paradox. I have all these strong and stubborn opinions, but I don't like to fight or argue...or really...make anyone feel like they're wrong. I just want everyone to know they're wrong when they're wrong, or I want them to stop being detectable to any of my senses.

Here was her status:

I MAY have taken this a little personally. And since I care WAY too much about what people think, I immediately felt the need to tell this hater, she was WRONG.

This was one of her follow up comments.

Then I opened my mouth:

So that is basically the gist of it. She went on to say she got some hot European D when she was there, and if she has kids with him, they'll be awesome and she won't GAF about things like teeth and walking. I went to bed angry. I am not even friends with this girl and she got zero likes on her status, so I know that a lot of people don't agree. But just in case you is a reason why my kids make me a much less sucky person.

 We were in the car, laughing about my being demanding about something, when Mat asks me if he can have his testicles back out of my purse. I giggled and forgot about. About 10 minutes later as we are getting out of the car, Ellis asks Mat, "Did you find them, Daddy"?

 "Find what, honey?"

 "Your testicles?"

Good luck getting to laugh your ass off for an hour because your cat said the word testicles with perfect diction.


  1. I love seeing my friends' children on Facebook, especially photos, because I seldom see them in person. If Someone doesn't want to know about your children, then Someone should not look at your Facebook page.


  2. Kids really do say the darndest (I thought that was a word) things - and the honesty and bluntness can sometimes sting a bit but when you look back, when the kids are grown and gone, being able to laugh at all of those things that were said or done makes for a pretty fun life! Your Dad always says that "children amplify a marriage" - if you have a great marriage, children amplify that greatness; but, if there are problems, children can amplify those. I love that because you three kids definitely amplified a great marriage!!!

  3. People say some really D bag-ish things about kids in Facebook. There's one "friend" from high school who often says things like "this is what I see when you post pictures of your kids" with like a picture if an alien pooping or something else ugly. It's a real asshole move.

  4. Excuse the if. My iPhone refuses to let me type "of".

  5. I hate baby type kids in general, but I have super awesome friends, so they just happen to have awesome babies and I love hearing about them. Anybody else's kid, don't care about at all, but I am totally on facebook to be part of my friends' lives and if that involves their kids, I am stoked to experience that too.
    I guess that is the difference, I am only friends with people I care about. I'm the same way about everything that people bitch about having to hear on facebook. I am down to hear about your lunch, when you poop, your medical issues, whose naughty parts you're touching, what books you're reading, on and on, ad nauseum because THAT'S WHY I AM THERE! I sometimes have absolutely no idea why other people are on facebook if they are not there to keep in touch with people they're friends with.

  6. The beautiful thing about Facebook is that you can be connected to so many people but at different levels of interaction. If you don't like peoples feeds, you can ignore them.

    I laughed too hard at your story ...

  7. Okay - no posts since 5/11 - miss them!!! I know we were forcing you to take care of our dog while we lazed about the pool in beautiful Las Vegas - but hopefully you can find a little time to amuse your mother!!

  8. I would like to comment as an American who currently lives and works in the UK as a substitute teacher. #1 (she said she lived in the UK) if you call someone from here European they will jump down your throat and demand you take it back..#2 these kids are MONSTERS. I have never had a worse class of kids than the ones I deal with here. Granted, I have just I'm definitely not so bueno...but seriously...the kids I've worked with are what nightmares are made of. So clearly "ignoring" them does not work.

  9. I have been to Europe 2 times in different countries each time and people and their kids are just the same as they are in the U.S. They have their fair share of rude people and parents oooing over their little ones in parks or wherever.

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