Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bomb Dot Com

I can already tell how hard it is going to be to write every day- Here's a completely unreadable story from today.

If you really want  a good laugh, you should ask your kids to do impressions of you. For some reason this came up tonight and Adrian gave a great impression of me. It included batting his eyelashes and saying


First of all, I'd be all right with my life if I had never said the words bomb dot com.

Second of all, Mary, stop loving food.

Third of all, the way he batted those eyelashes like a sexy giraffe makes me feel like I'm really contributing something to the world.

New goals:

Walk 10,000 steps a day- I tried to do this one today and landed at a whopping 4,765. And that's including a walk around the neighborhood, and parking at the back of the parking lot. Also, I took the stairs at work. That's the first time in my life someone has beat me up the stairs and stood waiting for me to get to the door. That was the longest 15 seconds ever, and I was cursing chivalry the whole way. Damn you and your fit and polite ways of life!

Be back tomorrow!