Wednesday, May 14, 2014

European Opinions (One from last June I never posted)

This was one I had in my drafts  from June but never posted.  I think I stopped being angry, but this obviously needs to be read.

Here's a few updates before I tell a story:

1. I had unprotected sex and made a fetus! Yay!

2. Yeah, that's really it. I've gained 14 lbs? Is that an update?

I have to tell you about a fight I got in with a girl on Facebook. I try REALLY hard not to fight on Facebook, or in real life, but my personality is one big  paradox. I have all these strong and stubborn opinions, but I don't like to fight or argue...or really...make anyone feel like they're wrong. I just want everyone to know they're wrong when they're wrong, or I want them to stop being detectable to any of my senses.

Here was her status:

I MAY have taken this a little personally. And since I care WAY too much about what people think, I immediately felt the need to tell this hater, she was WRONG.

This was one of her follow up comments.

Then I opened my mouth:

So that is basically the gist of it. She went on to say she got some hot European D when she was there, and if she has kids with him, they'll be awesome and she won't GAF about things like teeth and walking. I went to bed angry. I am not even friends with this girl and she got zero likes on her status, so I know that a lot of people don't agree. But just in case you is a reason why my kids make me a much less sucky person.

 We were in the car, laughing about my being demanding about something, when Mat asks me if he can have his testicles back out of my purse. I giggled and forgot about. About 10 minutes later as we are getting out of the car, Ellis asks Mat, "Did you find them, Daddy"?

 "Find what, honey?"

 "Your testicles?"

Good luck getting to laugh your ass off for an hour because your cat said the word testicles with perfect diction.